Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today's Harvest

This is what I harvested from the garden this morning. I never get the garden planted before the first of June. This year, we plowed up a new patch of ground closer to the new house. It was almost the second week of June before the seeds were in the ground. It was a joint effort: Justin, my Dad, and Tony plowing up the ground, and Emily, Justin and I planting the seeds and plants. I know alot of people plant quite a bit sooner than I do, but I always seem to have plenty! My Grandpa Chisman used to say.... "Plant in June, and it will come just as soon"! I believe he knew what he was talking about!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

El Paso County Fair

Last week Tony, Tressie and I met up with my Mom and Dad at the El Paso County Fair. We went to watch the 4-H Market Goat Show. We had sold goats to several kids and went to watch them show their goats. The goats that we sold had a fair showing. No, no Grand Champions, but it's always fun to see the goats and how they grew. It's also fun to see how the human kids have bonded with the goat kids. I am sure that there were probably some tears at the market sale on Friday. Several of the younger girls that we sold to had their goats trained just like a puppy and they were following them all over!

I am pretty sure that Great-grandpa and Great-grandma came to the fair to see Tressie!

And what better way to pass a hot afternoon at the fair, than sharing ice cream with Great-grandma! Tressie loves her ice cream just like her Grandma!

Tomorrow it's off to two more county fairs to watch kids show goats that we sold to them. Elbert county show in Kiowa, CO in the early afternoon and Cheyenne County fair in Cheyenne Wells early evening.