Friday, January 28, 2011

Beautiful Day!

What a beautiful January day in eastern Colorado! Tressie and I decided to get outside for awhile. Her mama and daddy bought her this red wagon for Christmas. She has enjoyed taking rides in it thru Grandma and Grandpa's house.'s even more fun outside!

It looks like she is absolutely terrified of Gabby. Really she loves her! She has four golden buddies, Lucy, Lacy, Gabby and Hannah! She loves them all!

I'm pretty sure that this little red wagon will get lots of miles on it come nicer weather!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Tressie, Violet, and Her Pink Pony

For Christmas, Grandpa and I got Tressie a dog named Violet. She has little cushions on her paws that you press, and she plays music, sings and does several different things. You can hook her up to the computer and personalize her greetings, her favorite colors, her favorite foods, etc. Well, Grandma sent it home with Tressie's mama, and she customized Violet. However, the software apparently didn't recognize the name Tressie. So, Tressie's mama had to pick one of the available options. When she greets Tressie, she says, "I love you Rock Star"! Any time she is talking about Tressie, she is refered to as Rock Star! Tressie thinks it's funny!

We also got her a pink pony. She can almost make it go by herself, but her little short legs almost aren't long enough to reach the ground on both sides. Her favorite thing is to press her cheek, and make her play music and whinny. Emily was watching her the other day when she was riding her. When she was ready to get off, she couldn't get her leg over the back of the horse. After several tries, she just gave up and fell off! We will have to work on her dismount before she starts riding the real thing!

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Balloon Has Popped!

In my post a few hours ago, I mentioned that we only had one more nanny to kid and she looked like a balloon ready to pop! Well, Tony just got back from the goat barn, and she is the proud mama of triplets! Pictures to follow on another blog!

Baby Goat Up-Date

This afternoon, Tressie and I ventured down to the goat barn with Grandpa. It has been a busy 10 days! The official count is: 6 sets of triplets, 12 sets of twins, and 7 singles. Most of the first time nannies are having singles. That is a good thing. Sometimes it's all they can do to take care of one, much less two or three! Tressie was content to sit on Grandpa's lap and take it all in.

This nanny was in the barn checking on her kids. She is an exception in the group. She is a first time nanny, and she has a set of twins. Most of the nannies were out in the corral filling their bellies with hay. Most of the kids were sleeping until I got done checking them all out and then they were running all over the barn and playing. Tony has the door to the barn open out into the corral. He has a big board across the bottom so that the nannies can come in and out to feed their babies. The babies can't get out. It won't be long until they will be able to come and go with their mamas, but for now they need to stay in where it is warmer.

Isn't this guy a little cutie! We have two solid brown goats and two solid black goats. Lots of white with red heads, and lots of white with black heads.

This set of triplets are the newest addition to the barn. It's nap time!

We only have one more nanny left to kid. She looks like a balloon about to pop!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Dozen Baby Goats

Yesterday afternoon, the baby goat count was still only 3 baby goats. Less than 24 hours later, we have a dozen baby goats. Another set of triplets, and 3 sets of twins.

This little guy is already one of my favorites! I love the little dark red headed babies! He might make someone a great little show goat this summer!

Several years ago, Tony and his Dad remodeled the goat barn. It is much more functional and WARM now. Tony has 3 more pens clean with fresh straw ready and waiting for the newest arrivals. He hasn't even made the 10:00 run yet, so the count may be higher than 12!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Kidding Has Begun!

I have anxiously been waiting for the first of the little baby goats to be born! I am always about 2 weeks ahead of schedule and drive Tony crazy every morning asking him if there are any new babies yet! Well, yesterday at about noon when he checked, one of our older nannies had delivered these triplets! Two billies and one doe!

This evening was the first time that I made it to the barn to see them. They are so cute! But, I've never seen a baby goat that wasn't cute! Well, since Grandma thinks that they are so cute, surely Tressie will love them right?

WRONG! Ok, she really, really liked them when we first went into the barn and was standing at the gate of the pen looking at them. Her pacifier actually fell out of her mouth, she was grinning so big! We stood there while Grandpa was outside feeding the rest of the nannies. When he came in, Grandma thought that it would be great to get a picture of Tressie with the little doe baby. Everything was going as planned and just as Grandma was ready to take the picture, the little baby goat decided to cry (really loud)! for her mama. Scared poor Tressie to death! The picture shows the result! I hope that we haven't scarred her for life! I guess that we will have to work into this slowly and let her get accustom to the loud cries of baby goats!

Stay tuned as I'm sure that there will be more baby goat pictures and stories to go with them!