Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yummy Veggies!

The garden is finally producing! I have to admit that several weeks ago I had really lost interest in it. It was hot and dry and struggling! The whole garden has struggled since day one. We had nothing but wind for weeks after I planted it. In fact, I had to replant some of it due to the wind. We had almost 2 inches of rain last week, and that has really helped everything look better!

The corn is getting taller and taller! Tressie, we will have some corn stalks to decorate with this fall!

All but one of the tomato plants have tomatoes on them. Can't wait for a garden fresh ripe tomato!

And, sweet corn picked fresh from the garden! Yum!!

Tonight's supper: a piece of grilled steak, and yummy veggies from the garden!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Progress Update

Saturday morning the stucco crew showed up and put the second layer of stucco with the color in it on the house. It's a little lighter than what we remember, but we like it and it kinds blends in with all of the sand around here! In this picture you will notice the stack with the boxes of tile on the driveway, is smaller. That's because...

The guy doing all of the tile started his work today, and this is what the dining room and kitchen floors will look like! He expects to be here every day this week, and part of next week. After the kitchen and dining room area, he has the utility room, and both bathroom floors, as well as putting tile around the bathtub/shower areas. After he finishes all of that, and the kitchen cabinets are in place, he will also tile the backsplash in the kitchen. He has a very big job and I am anxious to see it when it's all finished!

These pictures really aren't that good in showing the true color of the stucco and I also was getting alot of shadows.

I think that the outside of the house is being close to finished. We need doors painted and the hardware put on them as well as some lighting. Then we have TONS of landscaping projects. We would love input if you have any good suggestions for ideas around the sides and front of the house!

If any of you are pros at landscaping and get bored some week-end, drive on out!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Stucco and Doors

Last Thursday the front door and the smaller garage door were put in. The stucco crew started their work on Friday. They worked Friday and Saturday and have the first coat of stucco on. Also on Friday, some of our cabinets were delivered. These were mainly the bases, so haven't seen the doors yet, but am excited as I'm sure that they will be really pretty! We finally made a decision on counter tops and the backsplash on Friday, and these have been ordered.

First thing this morning, several guys came and installed the rain gutters. Also, a load of materials arrived. The garage door was part of that delivery and was put up today. I will really feel spoiled not even having to get out and open the door to park the car in the garage!

This picture shows a pallet of tile for the bathroom floors and around the bathtubs. Yes, it's still boxed up and in a pile, but I bet it won't be there for long!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Progress!

First of all, let me say that I don't know what the raindrop looking things are in these pictures! No, it was not raining in the house when I took them! I did, however, drop my camera, so hope it's not something terminal! A load of sheetrock arrived first thing this morning. I'm sure that it was in a pile for several minutes, but after that, things really went fast! By later this afternoon, it was all up on the walls as you can see by these pictures!

This progress is really obvious. There was alot of work done today that people will never see. One of the guys spent the whole day up in the attic area blowing insulation in. He had a helper feeding the insulation into the blower. When we went down to the house, he had come out for awhile for a break. I mentioned that it was not a very good day to be in the attic. He said that there really never was a good day for that job! I think that I would have to agree with him! So anyway, we will be snug and warm thanks to his hard work today, even if nobody ever notices what he did!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Passed Inspection!

We haven't gotten official word from our builder that the electrical passed inspection, but all indications are that we did! The underground electric has been completely covered up and insulation went up on the outer walls today!

The guys have been putting shingles on the roof, and it looks really nice! This picture explains a problem that we have been contemplating this week-end. How to keep the grandchild (and future grandchildren) off of the roof!

All of the insulation has been put in the walls.

The insulation for the ceiling is ready and waiting. When they get some sheet rock on the ceiling, they are all ready to blow it in!

The materials are here and the crew will start the stucco probably tomorrow. Now if we could only decide on the countertops and backsplash for the kitchen. Who knew that there were so many choices and it would be sooo hard to decide!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Today is Emily Ann's 28th birthday! Happy Birthday, Emily, we love you! We have many fun and happy memories and are looking forward to many more! In this picture, she is 2 weeks old. We don't have many newborn pictures as she was in the hospital for a week with jaundice and I guess that we had other things on our mind!

This is one of my favorite pictures! She is 6 months old!

This has to be either kindergarten or 1st grade, but I honestly can't remember which! Notice the freckles on her nose!

One of her fun Halloween costumes! She loved Halloween and getting her costume together!

Her last year of 4-H with her Reserve Champion steer, Riley! We spent many summers at the county fair! Maybe someday we will be there watching Tressie show!

Thanks, Em, for keeping life fun and interesting for us all!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Splish Splash!

Work on the house has been a little slower the past 2 weeks. Progress is still being made, but some not as visible as what has been happening. We are still waiting for the electrical inspection. After that, things should really speed up again.

Tressie, Emily and Justin have been here this week-end. This is Tressie sitting on what will be Grandma and Grandpa's breakfast bar in the kitchen.

She seems to think it's real silly sitting in the bathtub with no water!

The plumbers were here and brought the tubs and installed them, so someday soon Tressie can take a real bath!

They have also started putting shingles on the roof and expect to finish that this next week. Alot of work is scheduled for next week, we will see if we get the electrical inspection so that progress can continue!