Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week-End Project

This is what we considered our yard....Not too attractive and alot of it ended up in the track of the sliding glass patio door when the wind was blowing. So, we decided to up-date to a more fashionable green color! It's amazing what a couple pallets of sod and volunteer labor can accomplish!

Tony and my Dad started the process late on Sunday evening. The plan was to do the entire job on Monday, but we had picked up the sod on Saturday, and some of it was beginning to dry out.

Justin joined the volunteer labor group on Monday.

Guess who the boss/supervisor for the job was? No, not me.....

Here is a look at the end result!

The guys finished in hurricane force winds! Thanks Tony, Justin and Dad! I don't know of anyone who will enjoy it more than I will!

Unless it's these two!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Warm Spring Sunshine!

Just wanted to share a few pictures of Tressie enjoying time outside in the warm spring sunshine. She did have a hat on most of the time we were outside. Her mama also had smothered her with sunscreen! Will be a challenge keeping both the hat and the sunscreen on this child!

One of my childhood memories was picking flowers for our Grandma out in her back yard. Now that I am older, I realize that most of the flowers that we picked were not intended to be picked! But we never got in trouble for it by Grandma. Mom maybe, but not Grandma!

Nothing like discovering God's beautiful creation through the eyes of a child!

By the way, she never picked the flower. Just enjoyed touching it and looking at it!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beautiful Mother's Day!

It really was a beautiful Mother's Day! A day spent with my family on a warm, sunny Colorado day! Emily, Justin and Tressie arrived early at a Colorado Springs restaurant to secure a table big enough for our group. After a great lunch, we took a few minutes to make some memories.

Here are the girls. My sister, Sheryl, and her two girls, Kendra and Kelsey. My Mom, Emily, Tressie and me. Notice the beautiful blue sky and Pikes Peak in the background!

Em, Tressie and me...

Sheryl and I have been blessed with a caring and loving Mom!

These are the beautiful flowers that Emily, Justin and Tressie gave me for Mother's Day! I absolutely LOVE flowers!!!

This morning when Tony came in from doing chores, he brought me these lilacs off of our lilac bush. Lilacs are my FAVORITE flower!

And where did this mysterious, lone carnation come from? The carhop at Sonic when he brought out my large cherry limeade!

Hope that you all had a BEAUTIFUL Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tony's New Ride

I'm thinking that other than getting a new ranch pickup, getting a new horse is almost or just as exciting and important! Of course, you rarely see much excitement on this cowboys face! Anyway, he decided it was time to start looking for another horse. Claims that his horse, Moe, is getting some age on him and is LAZY! I kinda think that he is thinking down the road a few years when Tressie is needing a horse. Moe will probably do her just fine!

Just so happened that the neighbor had a horse that he was needing to sell. Tony had him bring the horse over for a week to "try him out". Another neighbor had a horse out of the same lineage and really liked his "cow sense". That's important for someone that puts lots of hours in on horseback this time of year riding thru the cattle, doctoring, tagging calves, and whatever else might need doin. Well, we are now, or should I say Tony, is the proud owner of this 4 year old blue roan. His registered name is Blue Cutter McKeag. I think he's being called Cutter. They seem to be getting along just fine!

Won't be long until he has a little shadow taggin along on his old lazy horse, Moe!