Sunday, June 12, 2011

Life On The Prairie

Today I rode along in the pickup while Tony checked the water tanks in several pastures. I planned to get a few more pictures, but the battery in my camera gave out! I always think that these little cactus have the prettiest blooms. I had planned to get a picture of the yellow blossoms too, but maybe next time. Was actually hoping to see a baby antelope, but didn't happen to see one. Tony says that he has seen several this season.

Tony has most of our pastures cross fenced with electric fencing. He rotates the cattle thru these pastures every few days. I am always amazed that all he has to do is open the gate to the next pasture and give a little yell, and the cows are ready to go! They are pretty well trained at this little routine! I was lucky enough to get this picture of our belted cow and her calf. I call them the Oreo pair. Notice how the belt on the calf is almost exactly like it's mama!

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