Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Advent Calendar

One of my childhood Christmas memories was having an advent calendar to open every day in December. I bought them for Emily when she was growing up too. So, one of the things I got on Black Friday was an advent calendar for Tressie.

You can see by the picture that I didn't spend alot of money on this particular calendar. I want her to be able to participate and hold it. She doesn't necessarily get to carry it around and play with it. I do know what would happen to it then! Anyway, beginning yesterday morning we will open a window every morning after she eats her breakfast. We will open several on some days to make up for the mornings that she is not here.

She does really seem to get excited about it! The only thing is, she doesn't want me to put it up after we are done! That's OK, Grandma has come up with a plan for that. Last year I bought her a Little People nativity set. When we are finished with the calendar, we come in the playroom and play awhile with her little nativity set. Well, it worked today. Might have to come up with a plan B or plan C, but for now, we will go with it!

Will try to post pictures of her playing with the nativity set soon!

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  1. That picture is so sweet! I remember always having my advent calendar growing up :)