Monday, August 16, 2010

Carpet and Counter Tops!

Tony and I went to Colorado Springs to pick up the carpet on Wednesday, and it didn't lay in a roll in the garage very long! The installers were here on Friday laying the pad and back on Saturday and got all of the carpet laid! It looks great and I love it!

Yesterday, Dave came back and installed the counter tops. I also LOVE them. You will get tired of me saying that about everything. But, it took SOOO long to finally decide on what kind of counter tops, and then what color. So, it feels really good to LOVE them rather than not like them and be disappointed.

The kitchen sink that we decided on is an integrated sink. It is molded into the counter top and there are no seams, it's all smooth.

Adding the tile backsplash will pretty much finish up this project in the kitchen! The guys are uncrating all of the appliances today, and the plumbers and electricians are scheduled for this week.

These are the counter tops for the bathrooms.

Things are really happening this week and it won't be long until I have nothing to blog about! Oh, it looks like Emily and Justin's house sold, and they will be moving out here into our trailer. I am going to watch Tressie, so I WILL have something to blog about!


  1. I love following your blog. Sheryl clued me in on it earlier in the summer. We are so happy to see your beautiful new home. We miss seeing you all every now and again, but are doing well now that we are all settled in here for the time being. Bethany Eckert

  2. How fun that you get to watch Tressie! Lucky girl or lucky grandma? : ) Christina