Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Countdown

It seems the countdown has begun, and we may only be several weeks from moving into our new house! The last 2 days have seen people coming and going and getting lots of work done! Needless to say, this has kept the goldens busy running back and forth to see what is going on, and they feel the need to bark every time a vehicle arrives or leaves! I saw Hannah, the brave golden, with her front feet perched in the back of the painters van this morning checkin things out! No, she didn't take anything, just being noisy. Gabby was only observing from a safe distance.

As you can see from the picture, a new, shiny propane tank was set yesterday.

Mike, the tile guy, (sorry I don't know last names, just what jobs they do!) was here yesterday and today and finished the back splash in the kitchen. I imagine that he has had his share of trips to Wild Horse for awhile! Mike has done an excellent job on all of the tile work, and he did it all alone, no help!

The plumbers have also been here the last two days. We now have faucets at the sinks, bathroom sinks, toilets, an RO system, a water softener, and many other things which I have no idea really what they are. I do know that we will have lots of hot water and nice heated floors!

Kirk and his helper worked all day yesterday hanging doors, uncrating appliances and doing all sorts of little and big jobs. Kirk was back again today working all day. I am sure there are many things that Kirk has done that we don't know about, and thanks Kirk, we appreciate your hard work!

The electricians were here yesterday and finished up their work. We are waiting on the inspector for the final inspection. Hopefully next week!

This is some of the before mentioned objects that the plumbers have been working on that I said I really didn't know what they were!

When we went down to the house tonight, Tony decided to try the automatic garage door opener. Gabby, the not so brave golden, couldn't get away from it fast enough! I guess she will get used to it!

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