Sunday, September 12, 2010


Well, we have gotten everything moved! Is it all organized and in it's place, you ask? Certainly not! We are working on it, and it is getting closer. We have been trying to get things ready up at the trailer for Emily, Justin and Tressie. They made the move yesterday, and now they too are trying to find a place for everything and get organized. To complicate matters, Tony was checking cattle and had a group of very sick calves. So, he and Justin spent most of the day doctoring them. We are hoping that they respond well to the medicine. It is so dry and dusty and then hot in the day time and cool at night. Could use some good moisture!

We have been trying to get some of the landscaping done. I was reading about the zeriscape plants that we wanted to plant, and they recommended planting in the fall while the soil is still warm to give the root system on the plants a boost for the spring. So, we ordered a bunch of plants from New Mexico.

When I say "we" have been landscaping, I use the term "we" very loosly! Tony has worked hard on the project! Justin helped him one day on a sidewalk, and the start of the retaining wall.

Some of the plants waiting for their new home.

More plants!

Tony working on one of the retaining walls. He has finished one, and started on the second one on the other side of the house.

Tony was in Burlington on Thursday and brought home a load of red rock to put around the plants. It looks really nice! We have most of the plants in, but need to finish the other retaining wall so we can get the remaining plants in. Will try to post some pictures of the finished project later!

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