Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Judds Concert!

Emily and I went to the Judds concert last night in Colorado Springs! We had a great time! Emily mentioned the idea of going way back when she found out that they were coming to town! Being the practical homebody that I am....I said, "Oh, it's on a Tuesday night and it will be late! It's in December, and what if it snows and the roads are bad?" You know, the un-fun Mom! Well, on Monday after checking the weather report and finding out that the weather was going to be great, Emily embarked on a mission to figure out how to get us to the Judds. Ends up, getting tickets was no problem at all! Yes, as you can see, my ticket proves that I was there! Unfortunately, none of my pictures turned out! You will have to check out Emily's blog,, for all of the fun details!

Oh, Christina, we had to drag each other out the door at the end of the concert to keep from buying Judds t-shirts! We figured that Tony and Justin wouldn't understand the importance of $30 Judds t-shirts!

It was a great time, and they were just as good, or better, than when we saw them 20 years ago at the Greeley Stampede. Thanks Emily for taking me along!


  1. We thought about going...sounds like it would have been a good one!!


  2. I was going to be funny and buy Emily a shirt for Christmas off of e-bay...she should have saved her old shirt - they're selling for $150 on ebay! Can you believe that?

  3. Yes, we should have saved it! $150 for a Judds t-shirt! WOW!

  4. I'm so jealous. I didn't know they were touring again. I'm pretty sure they won't make it all the way to Alaska. It looks like you had fun.