Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tressie's 2nd Birthday!

Today was Miss Tressie Laine's second birthday! We started the day with birthday pancakes and candles. She is still looking a little sleepy here.... didn't take her too long to wake up and start partying!

This is her new "ta da" pose. Don't know where she came up with it? Her Mama bought her a new birthday outfit, probably at Target!

So it's on to Limon to meet up with her Daddy and Mama for lunch. Did you know that Limon has a new IHOP? Well, they do and Tressie tried out their new Dr. Suess menu. Macaroni and cheese with broccoli and a bowl of fruit. This girl loves her broccoli!

After a good nap when we got back from Limon, it was supper and a few presents. Her main/big birthday party is on Saturday. But how can you celebrate a birthday with no presents?!?! Well, after she opened this present from her Mama and Daddy she really didn't need anything else because this is her new favorite thing! Her little pink guitar! She has been using whatever is available as a pretend guitar. Well, now she doesn't have to pretend!
Let me tell you....we got a show that would rival any Taylor Swift concert! She loves to sing and dance and now she has a guitar to go with it! No keyboard or drums for this girl! Too confining! But with a guitar you can move and dance all over the play!

Yes, Tressie, we are watching....

We had to let her bring her guitar with her to bribe her up to eat her cake! Wow, blowing out candles is hard work! But, she did it!

She's looking a little sleepy.... Yep, it's been a good day! Grandma is still trying to figure out where the last two years have gone!


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  1. Tried to comment earlier and it decided I should not :) But LOVE IT! What a cutey. Izzy is also a guitar player...perhaps they could jam!! She put on a show for me the other night just made me laugh. Izzy also loves IHOP and broccoli and pretty much anything with cheese ;) Thanks for sharing! lyp