Thursday, April 19, 2012


I absolutely LOVE lilacs! They are my very favorite flower!

The only lilac bush that we have that is very big, is up by the corrals and an old house that was here when we moved here. The bush is right outside the kitchen door of the old house. I often wonder if the ranch wife threw her dish water out each day on the lilac bush to water it?

Yesterday, we made a trip to La Junta to the chiropractor. Driving thru the little town of Cheraw on the way, I was amazed at all of the yards that had not only one, but five or six lilac bushes! I guess you don't really notice them if they are not in bloom. They were beautiful! Lots and lots of purple bushes and an occasional white bush. The beauty continued in the yards in La Junta!

Last year Tony planted several rows (yes I said rows!) of lilac bushes for wind breaks. They already grew quite a bit this last year, but I am looking forward to several years when they will be all grown up and making me happy each day that I look out my window at my very favorite flower of all!


  1. Your pictures look nice! You and your new camera did good : )

  2. I am with Emily! Also love lilacs as well. The scent is amazing...Love your pics!! Thanks for sharing...I can smell them from here!! lyp