Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Birthday

Tuesday was my 52nd birthday. We decided to make a trip to the big city to do some things and I called some of my family and asked if they wanted to meet up with us at a family favorite, Fargo's Pizza. So, pretty much overnight, we had plans for a party!

Tressie's idea of fun at Fargo's, is the game room! She was happy with sticking her quarter in this machine and seeing what her fun little "surprise" was! Don't we all remember begging Mom or Dad for a quarter to put into these machines for some plastic something? She also enjoyed "driving" the race car.

She wasn't too happy about leaving the game room to come and eat pizza. In fact, I don't know as she ate any pizza but she sure enjoyed the pop and the birthday cake! She helped me open my cards and presents and then was wanting to go back and "drive the car" as she put it!

What's a birthday party without cake? Emily wasn't able to get one made as like I said, we planned the party on really short notice. But, she was able to run into Safeway and get a yummy cake that I throughly enjoyed! Thanks, Em!

The best presents were being with my family and being able to spend time together! I also got this pretty candle and good smelling lotion! Emily, Justin and Tressie are giving me a "special" necklace that is in the mail and on it's way! I will for sure blog about it when it gets here and let you know why it is "special"! I also received some money and am thinking about maybe ordering a new Vera Bradley purse? Oh, who hard to decide what to do with it when you have birthday money!

A fun birthday for me! Thanks to my family and friends for all of the cards and birthday wishes!


  1. Did you know if you sign up at a Vera Bradley store they send you a $20 gift card to use your birthday month? You do have to use it in store which probably isn't convenient for you...but its such a great deal! I even got a $20 gift card in the spring with a "just because" note.

  2. That is so good to know! Will have to remember to do that before my next birthday!