Monday, December 3, 2012

Countdown to Christmas with Tressie!

The other day while Christmas shopping, I was looking for a new advent calendar to use with Tressie this Christmas season. I was thinking the little paper calendars with the little flaps that you open one every day until Christmas. You know, the kind like I had when my sister and I were little. Well, while looking at those, my eye caught this Little People nativity advent calendar by Fisher-Price.

Have you seen these? This is the cutest calendar for someone Tressie's age! It will also be Gunner's when he is old enough. It is a cloth banner with individual pockets for fabric pieces. Each piece has velcro on the back and makes it easy for Tressie to attach the pieces by herself! Each day a new piece is added to the scene until Baby Jesus is placed in the manger on Christmas morning! She is going to have a hard time waiting until Christmas morning to put Baby Jesus in the manger as it's only day 3 and that is the one that she wants to put on every time!

Tressie absolutely loves it! The only problem is where to hang it. She wants to be playing with it all of the time. That wouldn't be a problem except that she is a little rough when pulling the pieces off and her Mother declared that it was NOT something that she could play with, but something special to do each day at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

So glad that I found this as I think it will be something that Tressie and Gunner will look forward to getting out each year at Christmas while they are younger and who knows.....maybe even when they get older!

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  1. I got one for Izzy too and she keeps wanting to put up Baby Jesus! :)