Monday, November 12, 2012

Our New Grandson!

Once more, a post that is way overdue, but too important to pass over!

Our grandson, Gunner William Golding, was born on October 10, 2012!

We had waited for what seemed like a really LONGGGG nine months to meet him! He has the most beautiful soft hair! I kept telling his Mama that I thought he was going to have hair. She had a hard time envisioning that because Tressie was born with only a very small amount of hair. We laugh and say that Gunner already has more hair than his big sister!

Speaking of his big sister.....she absolutely LOVES her little brother!

Gunner is a very good baby! He has alot of very expressive faces that he makes already! One of them is wrinkling up his little forehead when his sister is standing right over him yelling his name over and over and telling him "Hi"!!! I am sure that they are going to be great friends as they grow up together over the years!

Although, he might get tired of his big sister blaming things on him! We were sitting down at the table eating supper one night when Tressie's Mama asked about the fingerprints all over Grandma's window. She didn't even hesitate.....she immediately said....."Gunner did it"!!! And the poor little guy was only a week old!

Grandma and Grandpa are very blessed to have them live so close to us and we enjoy them and love them both more and more every day!

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