Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 Year-In-Review (Part 1)

In looking back at my blogging for 2013, I realize that it has been a total failure......So, for 2014 it is my goal to either blog ALOT more, or give it up! I blogged a total of 3 times last year! Not 3 times a week, Not 3 times a month.....BUT 3 TIMES TOTAL!

I did not want to leave out so many great and fun times of 2013 so I am attempting to get them down in several parts entitled.....2013 Year-In-Review.

January always begins our goats kidding season. Why would we kid out goats when it is so cold? These goats are having their kids at this time so that they will be the right size and age for 4-H and FFA prospects. It is always a busy time and is there anything as cute as a newborn baby goat? UNLESS it's your adorable granddaughter who is holding the baby goat! (And, FYI, the goats have a nice warm barn for when its cold!)

January also brought about a shorter Bronco season than we were all hoping for, BUT look out this year!!!

February 2013
I was the only one around who would help my daughter stage this photo shoot.....Poor Gunner his Dad said.... But my two precious little valentines!

March 2013
March 1st was Tressie's third birthday! How can she possibly be 3 already! Her Mom spent alot of time and planning for this "Under The Sea" birthday party. Tressie is such a party girl and loved every minute of it!

Easter was very early this year but the weather cooperated and we had a nice day for egg hunting.

Since Gunner chose to take a nap during this time and was too little anyway......our Golden, Hannah, decided to help Tressie hunt eggs! OK with Tressie as Hannah and her are best buds!

April 2013
We had our first on-site goat sale this year to sell the baby goats that had been born in January. It turned out to be a very nice day and had a good crowd come out. Tressie was very excited for this day and turned out to be very good help for her Papa and Daddy as they got ready and sold the goats!

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