Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 Year-In-Review (Part 2)

In May we went to my Mom and Dad's and celebrated Mother's Day as well as my Mom's birthday. Her birthday is the 15th and always falls within days if not on Mother's Day.

On Father's Day, my Mom and Dad and my sister's family were on their way home from a wedding in Oklahoma and stopped for a Father's Day celebration lunch! It was a fun day and I am blessed to live within 100 miles of Mom and Dad and my sister and her family!

This summer we did receive some much needed rains. One of the awesome things about living on the prairie is to view a rainbow after a refreshing summertime rain! It looks really, really green in this picture. I think it was the lighting.

July brought our nation's birthday! Emily is always so good about getting great pictures of the kids no matter what the occasion! I'm usually her assistant and let me tell you, sometimes she takes lots and lots of pictures just to get several good ones! These two are a kick when trying to get them both to cooperate at the same time!

Emily and Justin and the kids celebrated at a family barbeque at Justin's Aunt and Uncle's house. Papa and I celebrated by sitting on the front porch enjoying the scenery and just relaxing!

This summer Tressie started riding her Papa's older horse, Moe. He started taking her with him when he was riding shorter distances to check cattle. She LOVES this and got to where she expected him to take her out on horseback every day! They had been out riding and came in the yard looking for a cool drink. Tressie said that Gunner was too little to ride with them but he could be in the picture!

One thing that I did blog about this past year, was our day at the Cheyenne county fair. It was a full day with alot of fun! They have a little carousel that you can ride for 25 cents. At this particular time, Papa and Tressie and Gunner were the only ones riding. They got a LONG ride!

I had a garden again this year and again it was a struggle to keep it going. Wasn't quite as hot and windy as the previous year but still plenty of hot, hot days with the hot, dry winds. Tressie and I did manage to grow a few things including cucumbers. Tressie LOVES cucumbers in any form.....right out of the garden or in the form of pickles! Her Papa is a pickle lover too, so I made pickles for them, hopefully enough to get them thru until next summer!

This summer and fall found lots of sesmic work in Cheyenne county. They started their surveying and work on some of our land and in fact are still working their way across the eastern part of the county. Tressie and I were easily entertained in watching as this helicopter dropped supplies and then later came back to gather those same supplies to move to another area. It was interesting to learn how the process worked from talking to one of the foreman one day.

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