Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Kidding Has Begun!

I have anxiously been waiting for the first of the little baby goats to be born! I am always about 2 weeks ahead of schedule and drive Tony crazy every morning asking him if there are any new babies yet! Well, yesterday at about noon when he checked, one of our older nannies had delivered these triplets! Two billies and one doe!

This evening was the first time that I made it to the barn to see them. They are so cute! But, I've never seen a baby goat that wasn't cute! Well, since Grandma thinks that they are so cute, surely Tressie will love them right?

WRONG! Ok, she really, really liked them when we first went into the barn and was standing at the gate of the pen looking at them. Her pacifier actually fell out of her mouth, she was grinning so big! We stood there while Grandpa was outside feeding the rest of the nannies. When he came in, Grandma thought that it would be great to get a picture of Tressie with the little doe baby. Everything was going as planned and just as Grandma was ready to take the picture, the little baby goat decided to cry (really loud)! for her mama. Scared poor Tressie to death! The picture shows the result! I hope that we haven't scarred her for life! I guess that we will have to work into this slowly and let her get accustom to the loud cries of baby goats!

Stay tuned as I'm sure that there will be more baby goat pictures and stories to go with them!

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