Monday, January 24, 2011

Tressie, Violet, and Her Pink Pony

For Christmas, Grandpa and I got Tressie a dog named Violet. She has little cushions on her paws that you press, and she plays music, sings and does several different things. You can hook her up to the computer and personalize her greetings, her favorite colors, her favorite foods, etc. Well, Grandma sent it home with Tressie's mama, and she customized Violet. However, the software apparently didn't recognize the name Tressie. So, Tressie's mama had to pick one of the available options. When she greets Tressie, she says, "I love you Rock Star"! Any time she is talking about Tressie, she is refered to as Rock Star! Tressie thinks it's funny!

We also got her a pink pony. She can almost make it go by herself, but her little short legs almost aren't long enough to reach the ground on both sides. Her favorite thing is to press her cheek, and make her play music and whinny. Emily was watching her the other day when she was riding her. When she was ready to get off, she couldn't get her leg over the back of the horse. After several tries, she just gave up and fell off! We will have to work on her dismount before she starts riding the real thing!


  1. Mama misses you Rock Star! Be a good girl and sleep good for Grandma tonight. Kisses!

  2. What a ROCK STAR for sure! She just makes me smile when I look at her!!