Friday, January 28, 2011

Beautiful Day!

What a beautiful January day in eastern Colorado! Tressie and I decided to get outside for awhile. Her mama and daddy bought her this red wagon for Christmas. She has enjoyed taking rides in it thru Grandma and Grandpa's house.'s even more fun outside!

It looks like she is absolutely terrified of Gabby. Really she loves her! She has four golden buddies, Lucy, Lacy, Gabby and Hannah! She loves them all!

I'm pretty sure that this little red wagon will get lots of miles on it come nicer weather!

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  1. Izzy and I had an awesome day in Limon as well. Should have got a hold of two could have came to the park and played with us;)

    She is so cute! Not sure what it is but something in some of these pictures makes me think of her Great Grandma Carol.