Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shopping Anyone?

Yesterday morning after Tressie had eaten her breakfast, she came walking into the office with her purse and jacket! I think that she was bored with Grandma and wanted to go somewhere! I would of thought that she was still tired from our shopping trip into Colorado Springs on Saturday. I'm still tired from it!

Her big goose egg on her head is MUCH better. Check out her blog at for pictures of the biggest, baddest, goose egg I'd ever seen!


  1. Looks like she needs to go to the gym instead of shopping...check out that big ol' belly! : )

  2. Izzy gets her purse and throws it over her shoulder and then starts saying BYE. Yesterday we put a "credit card" in there:) To add with sunglasses, jewelry, whatever will fit:)

    See Emily if she had an Uncle La La he would tell her she is rocking her beer gut:) Even though this would be the same guy who when little would pat his tummy and call it his melon belly:) SHE IS SOOO CUTE!! :) We will have to do "lunch" with our girls some time when I'm up that way and all feeling good:) lyp