Friday, April 8, 2011

Tressie & Grandma's Walk

Yesterday Tressie and I decided to take a walk. It was a fairly nice spring day. Just a breeze blowing, not hurricane force winds! OK, so we haven't had hurricane force winds, but we have had our share of hard and persistent winds this spring! A very nice day can be ruined with wind, in my opinion. I am not fond of wind! It makes me grumpy! Did you pick up on that?

Back to our walk....We always see goats around our house.

This heifer was very interested in what we were doing in her territory. Actually we weren't in her territory, because we were outside the corral! Tressie was also very interested in her!

We helped Grandpa run some drip hose for the new bushes that were planted yesterday. There is a row of plum, a row of cherry, and a row of sumac. We also planted 50 lilac bushes. These will serve as a snow fence on the north and east sides of our new house. Notice the ominous looking cloud in this picture? All we got was a couple of rumbles of thunder. That was enough to cause Tressie's dog, Lucy, to hole up for an hour. She HATES thunder!

We also found a sign of Spring! A cherry bush in an already established live wind break was blooming!

Here are some of those lilac bushes that we planted. Can't wait until they are big and blooming!

Tressie loved the walk! The only bad thing is, she cried when we had to come in and start making supper!

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