Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Thru The Generations

I wanted to post these pictures last week, but obviously time just got away, and it didn't get done! Hope everyone had a blessed and happy Easter! We had a good day with family and friends!

Tressie looked like she was ready for the Easter parade, all dressed up in her new dress and shoes. It's a good thing that her Mama didn't pay much for this hat because she wore it for about 15 seconds! She was a busy little girl keeping up with everything that went on. She wasn't really into hunting eggs, maybe next year.

This is Tressie's Mama, many years ago. I'm really not even sure how old she is in this picture. Don't remember if she liked her hat or not! Her Grandma Chisman always made her Easter dress.

This is a picture of me when I was probably about 3 years old. Mom ALWAYS made an Easter dress for Sheryl and I. They were always matching, sometimes different colors.

It's fun to look back thru the generations and see what has changed and what has basically stayed the same. The styles have changed, the faces have changed, many things have changed. One thing that will never change is the reason that we celebrate Easter. Our Risen Lord and Saviour!

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  1. Loved the pics Brenda! I have a picture of you in high school for Easter one year:) I love Tressie's spark! You all are so dang cute!!!