Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beautiful Mother's Day!

It really was a beautiful Mother's Day! A day spent with my family on a warm, sunny Colorado day! Emily, Justin and Tressie arrived early at a Colorado Springs restaurant to secure a table big enough for our group. After a great lunch, we took a few minutes to make some memories.

Here are the girls. My sister, Sheryl, and her two girls, Kendra and Kelsey. My Mom, Emily, Tressie and me. Notice the beautiful blue sky and Pikes Peak in the background!

Em, Tressie and me...

Sheryl and I have been blessed with a caring and loving Mom!

These are the beautiful flowers that Emily, Justin and Tressie gave me for Mother's Day! I absolutely LOVE flowers!!!

This morning when Tony came in from doing chores, he brought me these lilacs off of our lilac bush. Lilacs are my FAVORITE flower!

And where did this mysterious, lone carnation come from? The carhop at Sonic when he brought out my large cherry limeade!

Hope that you all had a BEAUTIFUL Mother's Day!

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