Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tony's New Ride

I'm thinking that other than getting a new ranch pickup, getting a new horse is almost or just as exciting and important! Of course, you rarely see much excitement on this cowboys face! Anyway, he decided it was time to start looking for another horse. Claims that his horse, Moe, is getting some age on him and is LAZY! I kinda think that he is thinking down the road a few years when Tressie is needing a horse. Moe will probably do her just fine!

Just so happened that the neighbor had a horse that he was needing to sell. Tony had him bring the horse over for a week to "try him out". Another neighbor had a horse out of the same lineage and really liked his "cow sense". That's important for someone that puts lots of hours in on horseback this time of year riding thru the cattle, doctoring, tagging calves, and whatever else might need doin. Well, we are now, or should I say Tony, is the proud owner of this 4 year old blue roan. His registered name is Blue Cutter McKeag. I think he's being called Cutter. They seem to be getting along just fine!

Won't be long until he has a little shadow taggin along on his old lazy horse, Moe!


  1. Tressie is trying to decide between red or pink tack for Moe : )

  2. He's very pretty and I agree there is nothing more exciting than a new horse. Tressie definitely needs the pink tack, she could probably borrow some of Jillian's.