Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week-End Project

This is what we considered our yard....Not too attractive and alot of it ended up in the track of the sliding glass patio door when the wind was blowing. So, we decided to up-date to a more fashionable green color! It's amazing what a couple pallets of sod and volunteer labor can accomplish!

Tony and my Dad started the process late on Sunday evening. The plan was to do the entire job on Monday, but we had picked up the sod on Saturday, and some of it was beginning to dry out.

Justin joined the volunteer labor group on Monday.

Guess who the boss/supervisor for the job was? No, not me.....

Here is a look at the end result!

The guys finished in hurricane force winds! Thanks Tony, Justin and Dad! I don't know of anyone who will enjoy it more than I will!

Unless it's these two!!

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