Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Checkin' Progress

We went down last night to check on the progress of our new house. Tony is sitting on the wall which will be the backside of the house. The dirt has already been bermed up on the back side. He is looking down at what will be the floor of the house.

The dogs are also very interested in what is going on! Hannah looks at every day as an adventure! Who can I get to pet me today? Gabby is a little less sure about everything. She only likes to go look around if Tony or I are there. She is scared of all of the big, scary trucks and equipment!

Things are really moving fast! We are finalizing decisions on things for the interior of the house this week so that they can be ordered and arrive in time! This is what our "pasture" looked like on June 1st!

This is what it looked like last night, June 15th!

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