Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Floors Have Been Poured!

Today was a BUSY day at the new house site! The septic system passed inspection and Tony's Uncle Bill was here first thing this morning to cover everything up. The form setters were ready and waiting when the first load of cement arrived. After 3 trucks had dumped their cement, the crew got to work finishing the floor. It was tough going as they were working in VERY warm temps and a hot dry wind was blowing out of the south! They did a great job, and the floor looks good!

As you can see in the pictures, they are setting forms to pour the drive-way slab, the patio, the front porch, and the sidewalks. We are scheduled to get cement tomorrow afternoon for them.

A load of lumber was also delivered and the framing crew is due to show up in a few days. I talked to our builders today and they are working with a cabinet builder in Hugo, and he is custom building the cabinets for the house! We have seen some of his work, and he does a really nice job!

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  1. We better hurry up and get back out there or we're going to miss all of the building stage and a house is going to appear!

    Tressie says she wishes she was going to be there tomorrow so she could put her handprint in the cement!