Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today we went to LaJunta to do some things. When we left, no one was at the house site, and nothing was happening. When we came home this afternoon, the house has all of the windows installed!

The electricians have also been here doing alot of "electrical things"!

The funny story of the day is about Gabby, one of our dogs. Like I said in an earlier blog, the dogs like to see what is going on down at the house site. Gabby is the one that only likes to go when Tony and I are down there and everyone else has gone home for the day. We were inside the house looking around. Tony and I were at the north end of the house in the bedrooms area. We heard some noise at the other end of the house. We stopped and looked and listened. Gabby had come in, we have no doors yet. She was down in the dining room area looking at the sliding glass door and was seeing her reflection. The hair on her neck was standing straight up and she was growling for all she was worth! It was so funny! She ran for the front door wanting to go outside to check it out, but was too scared. She ran back over to the sliding door and started growling again! By that time, Hannah, our other dog came in to check out the commotion! It just made us laugh!

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  1. I found your blog and wanted to follow the progress as well. It's fun to help you put it all together and also be able to track progress and the finish project!

    Paula Gerdes
    Superior Builders, Inc.