Saturday, June 19, 2010

We'll Be Warm!

The plumbers have been here working on the heating system. We are going to have radiant heat in the floor. The unit that they are installing is up to 98% efficient, so we are looking forward to being nice and warm during the cold, windy days of winter!

Tony's Uncle Bill has been putting in the septic system this week. Today he is working on the water line. Two more very essential systems! We are waiting on an inspection for the septic system, and then he can cover up the hole!

The big piles of dirt have all been moved around and leveled. The crew has been here this week getting ready for the cement pour for the floors and garage. We were scheduled for Monday of this next week, but we have been "bumped"! They are putting in a big wind farm somewhere up around Burlington, and they need all of the cement to go that direction on Monday. So, we will be rescheduled, and not sure when that will happen!

Tony and I have spent alot of time this week making final decisions on products and materials for the inside of the house. I believe that our kitchen cabinets need to be ordered this next week sometime so that they will arrive in time! I have never spent so much time on the computer checking out product websites and keeping in contact with our builders! The computer has definitely saved alot of trips to town and phone calls!

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