Saturday, July 10, 2010

Splish Splash!

Work on the house has been a little slower the past 2 weeks. Progress is still being made, but some not as visible as what has been happening. We are still waiting for the electrical inspection. After that, things should really speed up again.

Tressie, Emily and Justin have been here this week-end. This is Tressie sitting on what will be Grandma and Grandpa's breakfast bar in the kitchen.

She seems to think it's real silly sitting in the bathtub with no water!

The plumbers were here and brought the tubs and installed them, so someday soon Tressie can take a real bath!

They have also started putting shingles on the roof and expect to finish that this next week. Alot of work is scheduled for next week, we will see if we get the electrical inspection so that progress can continue!

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