Monday, July 19, 2010

Stucco and Doors

Last Thursday the front door and the smaller garage door were put in. The stucco crew started their work on Friday. They worked Friday and Saturday and have the first coat of stucco on. Also on Friday, some of our cabinets were delivered. These were mainly the bases, so haven't seen the doors yet, but am excited as I'm sure that they will be really pretty! We finally made a decision on counter tops and the backsplash on Friday, and these have been ordered.

First thing this morning, several guys came and installed the rain gutters. Also, a load of materials arrived. The garage door was part of that delivery and was put up today. I will really feel spoiled not even having to get out and open the door to park the car in the garage!

This picture shows a pallet of tile for the bathroom floors and around the bathtubs. Yes, it's still boxed up and in a pile, but I bet it won't be there for long!

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