Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yummy Veggies!

The garden is finally producing! I have to admit that several weeks ago I had really lost interest in it. It was hot and dry and struggling! The whole garden has struggled since day one. We had nothing but wind for weeks after I planted it. In fact, I had to replant some of it due to the wind. We had almost 2 inches of rain last week, and that has really helped everything look better!

The corn is getting taller and taller! Tressie, we will have some corn stalks to decorate with this fall!

All but one of the tomato plants have tomatoes on them. Can't wait for a garden fresh ripe tomato!

And, sweet corn picked fresh from the garden! Yum!!

Tonight's supper: a piece of grilled steak, and yummy veggies from the garden!

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