Monday, July 26, 2010

Progress Update

Saturday morning the stucco crew showed up and put the second layer of stucco with the color in it on the house. It's a little lighter than what we remember, but we like it and it kinds blends in with all of the sand around here! In this picture you will notice the stack with the boxes of tile on the driveway, is smaller. That's because...

The guy doing all of the tile started his work today, and this is what the dining room and kitchen floors will look like! He expects to be here every day this week, and part of next week. After the kitchen and dining room area, he has the utility room, and both bathroom floors, as well as putting tile around the bathtub/shower areas. After he finishes all of that, and the kitchen cabinets are in place, he will also tile the backsplash in the kitchen. He has a very big job and I am anxious to see it when it's all finished!

These pictures really aren't that good in showing the true color of the stucco and I also was getting alot of shadows.

I think that the outside of the house is being close to finished. We need doors painted and the hardware put on them as well as some lighting. Then we have TONS of landscaping projects. We would love input if you have any good suggestions for ideas around the sides and front of the house!

If any of you are pros at landscaping and get bored some week-end, drive on out!

1 comment:

  1. I think the stucco color looks great with the shingle color!

    The tile is awesome!

    Landscaping suggestions...swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, Tressie says play house and swing set! : )